News About v.0.2

Release Date: 02.06.2023

In order for you to manage your site better and more comfortably, we have given the focus of attention to the admin panel in this update version. We believe that many improvements and new features we have made in the admin panel will make your life much easier.

We share this message to keep you informed about our latest updates. As a team, we are constantly working to improve your user experience and bring you more exciting gaming experiences. Here are the latest updates of CryptoGamePlace:

Development Notes

  • The site logo, favicon and default user profile photo have been changed from the Admin panel.
  • In-site content articles have been made editable from the admin panel.
  • Welcome Bonus system, which allows new members to make bonus deposits, has been activated.
  • Added Horse Race settings to game settings.
  • Added Coin Flip settings to game settings.
  • Added Roulette settings to game settings
  • Homepage visually updated.
  • Provided the ability to turn off/on owned games.

Fix Notes

  • Updated Horse Race coin distribution system issues..
  • Fixed display of excessive decimal numbers.
  • Responsive visual edits were made.
  • Updated and performance patches have been made.

HorseRace v.1.5

  • History saving issue fixed.
  • Socket connection issues fixed.
  • Visual edits and fixes.
  • Profile photo added to bots.

Coin Flip v.1.2

  • User profile photos added to the list of recently played games.
  • Win rate progress bar visually fixed.
  • Fixed mobile bet button display.

Roulette v.1.0.

  • Fixed duplicate issue in recently played games.
  • Profile photo of users has been added to the Bet users panel..
  • The image of the bet buttons at the time of entering a bet has been edited.
  • Improved sync.